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Price List

Prices marked with * are estimates only to give you an idea of the prices involved, we will always quote you the best price we can obtain, prices change all the time and a confirmed figure for some services can only be given when full details are known.

Prices are fixed in terms only, billing can be in Sterling, US$ or € to get approximated costs in US$ multiply the figure by 1.6, for € multiply the cost by 1.2, if you require billing in US$ or € . A fixed US$ or € price for any service can be provided on request..

Mail Only Module 30 [US$45, €40]
Complete Web Hosting **NEW Starts at 60 [US$90, €75] per year.
Basic Module, any server 50 [US$75, €60] per year
Full Service Module, any server. Includes 12 hours per year full support for your programming and applications. 150 [US$225, €180] per year [Note 8 below]
Expansion Module 20 [US$30, €25] per year
Additional temporary bandwidth 1 [US$1.50, €1.50] per Gigabyte per month
Custom Large Hosting Packages Any Size package over 1 Gigabyte can be quoted for.
New Page Creation From about 20 [US$30, €25] per page*
Application Installation We will install one application such as ZenCart, SMF, WordPress etc free of charge. You can install unlimited applications yourself using the Softaculous Installer in your control panel, or we will install additional applications for 10 ($15, €15) each. Note this is basic installation and does not include any customisation of the application installation of additional modifications or modules or setting up of content, we are happy to quote for such customisation work.
Site Submission to each search engine 20 [US$30, €25]
Meta Header Generation/Optimisation 10 per page [US$15, €12]
Create Site Map and Index 75 [US$120, €90]
CGI Script Installation (Typical) 50 [US$75, €60] plus script cost (Note 7 below)
Dedicated IP Please request details. (Note 5 below)
Set up POP accounts 10 [US$15, €12] for up to 10 accounts
SSL 50 [US$75, €60] per year (Note 4 below)
Sub Domains 10 [US$15, €12] per year for up to 20
Domain Parking 20 [US$30, €25] per year Including domain registration (common domains only)
Extra FTP Log in 5 [US$7.50, €6] per year
Transfer of Domain to/from another host Free (Unless the other host or registrar charges in which case at cost)
Resetting site password 10 [US$15, €15](Note 2 below.)
Reactivation fee for expired account 20 [US$30, €25]
Emergency Custom Work Rate Per job charge which includes 15 minutes of work - 25 [US$40, €30], then 15 [US$25, €18] for each 15 minutes extra. (Note 3 below)
Prepaid Custom Work Rate Prepaid purchase of up to 2 hours of work - 80 [US$120, €95]. (Note 6 below)
Any other work or service Request Quotation. The above work rates are for ad-hoc support as required. Specific projects can be quoted for and will often result in a discount on these rates.
Please note that wherever the term GByte is used this is taken to be the equivalent of 1,000 MBtyes.
Mail Only Module
This is a mail only service with 1 GByte of storage, 5 Gigabytes per month bandwidth, up to 10 POP accounts, includes domain registration. No web pages are included with this site, your domain will go to a holding page, you can specify up to 200 words of text to go on that holding page..
Basic Flexible Package
1 Gbyte Storage, 5 GByte per month bandwidth, 5 Email Addresses, 5 MySql databases, CGI
Add on packages
Each giving an additional 1 GMbyte storage, 5 Gbyte per month bandwidth, 5 e-mail addresses, 5 My Sql databases, CGI etc
Domain parking
This is free provided the domain is registered through us.
Sub Domains
Can be enabled on request
Note 1. Some packages include some of the items listed above, these will of course not be charged in addition where they are included.
Note 2. This charge is only made where the control panel password has been forgotten by the user and has been changed from the original password set up and no advice has been given, a reminder of the set up password is free of charge.
Note 3. No charges are made for any enquiries or technical support for the actual web hosting, these charges are only applied where work is carried out outside the framework of the agreement with you. Although it can not be guaranteed ,in many cases simple questions of any kind are answered without charge and charging would only apply to more complex support issues, for example finding and correcting a problem on a page you hve created yourself.
Note 4. You may use the shared SSL certificate available on each server free of charge, this charge would only apply if you requested you own private SSL certificate.
Note 5. All accounts are normally hosted through shared IP's, due to the shortage of IP numbers it can be quite difficult to get dedicated IP numbers for a particular site, if however there is genuine reason to need fixed IP services then this can normally be arranged.
Note 6. This rate applies to pre-arranged work that can be scheduled in normal working days. This rate can only be purchased in blocks of 2 hours, however in the event of all the time not being used at the time of renewal, any outstanding credit will be applied to offset your renewal charges. If there is still any credit remaining after this it will be carried forward to be used over the next 6 months.
Note 7. Page creation and script installation is normally charged at the pre-paid work rate equivalent to 10 per 15 minutes, a simple page can be created or script installed in that time, more complex work will of course take longer.
Note 8. This includes up to 12 hours per year full support, this support can be for web development, design, assistance with the website, or any other web/computer related assistance. Note this does not include direct web hosting technical support which is free and included with the hosting package.